Architectural Glass Tempering

Fortemp roller ropes & tapes are optimum material to protect the surface of hot glass during the processing of tempered glass and heat strengthened glass and specially designed to withstand the short-term elevated temperatures existing in the quenching, cooling and conveying sections of the glass handling operation.

In the process of thermal tempering, the glass is heated to a temperature just below the softening point and then transported from heating furnace to quenching section for quenching rapidly by cool air. After moving out of heating furnace, the hot glass sheet is conveyed over a series of cold steel rollers. These chill rollers are spirally wrapped with our aramid ropes & tapes or closely covered with aramid sleeves, to prevent the glass sheet from coming into contact with metal parts that could damage and mark the hot surface of glass that is still soft.

Therefore, the roller tape & rope is one of critical factors influenced the good surface quality of tempered glass.