Tech Info

Raw Material: 100% Virgin Para-aramid Fiber
Color: Yellow or Brown 
Continuous Temperature Resistance 350℃
Intermittent Temperature Resistance 400℃
Density: 0.90 g/cm3 +-10%
Thickness Available 0.5 - 5.5mm
Width Available 4 - 50mm
Package: 250 meters/roll

All of Fortemp products are made of 100% virgin aramid yarn. As the development of glass tempering technology in past decades, aramid fiber has been proved as the optimum material for making the roller tapes and ropes for glass tempering furnace, because of its superior quality in heat resistance and durability. Other sources of aramid fiber or regenerated aramid are much lower in performance than virgin aramid. All of FORTEMP products are made of 100% pure virgin aramid. Our quality is much more guaranteed than other sources of rollers tapes & ropes.