Solid State Relays

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Solid state relay (SSR) is an electrical switch for turning on and off applications without the use of movable parts. Its load current is conducted by one or more semiconductors. The types of SSR are photo-coupled SSR, transformer-coupled SSR, and hybrid SSR.

Solid state relays are widely used in testing instruments, displays, power plant, household appliances and automobiles etc.

In the glass tempering furnace, Solid state relay is one of key parts of temperature controlling system. SSR regulates the output power of heating elements to achieve the precise temperature control.

  • Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
  • Input: 4-32VDC
  • Ampere: 5A-200A
  • Supply Ability: 100,000 pcs/month
  • Delivery Time: Within one week to your door
  • Shipping: Door to Door Delivery via DHL, FedEx, TNT or Customized
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card
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    At Fortemp, you can find all reliable solid state relays for all mainstream brands of glass tempering furnaces in the market, i.e. Northglass, Landglass, Jinglass, etc. Below is the list of typical SSRs we supplied to glass tempering industry.

    Model Current Brand
    H3100ZF 100A XIMADEN
    H3120ZF 120A XIMADEN
    H3300ZF 200A XIMADEN
    H375ZF 75A XIMADEN
    H375ZK 75A XIMADEN
    SAM4080D 80A GOLD
    SAM40100D 100A GOLD
    SAM40120D 120A GOLD
    SAM40150D 150A GOLD
    SAM50200D 200A GOLD
    SAM40150A 150A GOLD
    SAP4805D 5A GOLD
    SAP4080D 80A GOLD
    SAP4860D 60A GOLD
    SAP4880D 80A GOLD
    SDP4020D 20A GOLD
    CR1T4475DZ 75A CHORDN
    CR1T5350DA 50A CHORDN
    CR1T4440DZN 40A CHORDN


    Xiamaden Series Solid State Relays for Landglass Glass Tempering Furnaces

    Ximaden SSR for Landglass



    Gold Series Solid State Relays for Northglass Glass Tempering Furnaces

    Gold SSR for Northglass

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