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Fused silica rollers are used as transport rollers during the glass tempering process, which ensures that safety glass is shatter proof. By making the glass more durable, safety concerns associated with vitreous components in cars can be addressed. The superior thermal shock resistance properties and material strength of fused silica rollers reportedly mean they are well-suited to deliver a high-quality, scratch-free glass finish.

Made from a material composition that is 99.8% SiO2, our Fused Silica rollers are the right choice for use in a variety of furnaces. Featuring very low thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance, our rollers made from this material can be used continuously at temperatures up to 1000°C. Due to their excellent mechanical properties and their special surface quality, our fused silica rollers are mainly used in a variety of annealing kilns and glass tempering furnaces.

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Fused silica rollers are key components of glass horizontal tempering furnace for glass support and transmission. The fused silica rollers have excellent features such as high density and strength, no deformation at high temperature, wear resistant, excellent thermal shock resistance, long service life etc. Smooth and fine surface, little T.I.R. and high processing precision assures with no harm to the glass surface. Special design and assembly to resolve the problem of end-caps loosing absolutely.

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