Flat Kevlar Tapes

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Fortemp Flat Woven Kevlar Tape are widely used in glass tempering furnaces, glass printing equipment and glass lamination line. The roller tape has the excellence in heat resistance and anti-abrasion. The conveying rollers of those glass machinereis  wrapped with this flat kevlar tape can protect the surface of hot glass well in case of the breakage or scratch of glass during the tempering process. Our product list has included all sizes of flat kevlar tapes for mainstream furnaces in the global market, such as Glaston, Tamglass, Northglass, Landglass, Uniglass, Glasstech, Keraglass, Mappi, etc.

  • Typical Size: 13*2mm, 12*1.5mm,12*3mm, 12*3.5mm, 12*4mm, 12*5mm, 12*5.5mm, 10*3mm, 9*3mm, 8*4mm
  • Size Range: Thickness 1.0 - 5.5mm, Width 8.0 - 75mm
  • Package: 250 meters/roll
  • Supply Ability: 1,000,000 meters per Month
  • Delivery Time: Within one week to your door
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card
  • Shipping: Door to Door Delivery via DHL, FedEx, TNT or Customized
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    All of Fortemp flat woven aramid tapes are produced by Shuttle Loom, not Needle Loom. The shuttle loom technique is currently the only suitable way to produce the qualified tape for glass tempering use, although its production cost is much higher than needle loom technique and the production output is lower as well. Through this special technique, Fortemp tape has much longer working life and denser woven construction than other competitors.

    Flat shape is one of most popular patterns for roller tapes used in glass tempering furnace. It is widely adopted by various brands of glass tempering furnaces, like Glaston, Cooltemper, Northglass, Landglass, Tamglass, etc. In Fortemp, you can find any size of flat woven aramid tape you need.

    Item No. Width Thickness
    FTP-121 12mm 1.5mm
    FTP-123 12mm 3mm
    FTP-1235 12mm 3.5mm
    FTP-124 12mm 4mm
    FTP-125 12mm 5mm
    1/2″ 1/4″
    FTP-126 12mm 5.5mm
    FTP-133 13mm 3mm
    FTP-1335 13mm 3.5mm
    FTP-083 8mm 3mm
    FTP-084 8mm 4mm
    5/16″ 1/8″
    FTP-093 9mm 3mm
    FTP-102 10mm 2mm
    FTP-103 10mm 3mm
    FTP-104 10mm 4mm
    3/8″ 1/8″
    FTP-1525 15mm 2.5mm
    FTP-2015 20mm 1.5mm
    FTP-2020 20mm 2mm
    FTP-2520 25mm 2mm

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