Tips for replacing the fused silica rollers (ceramic rollers) from glass tempering furnaces?

Tips on how to uninstall and install the fused silica rollers (ceramic rollers) onto glass tempering furnaces?


1. Shut down the furnace firstly. The uninstallation job for the ceramic rollers cannot be started until the furnace body is completely cool down.


2. To replace the ceramic rollers must been operated by at least three strong workers. Each one worker holding each end of the ceramic roller and the rest one worker in the middle of roller.


3. When its’ ready to disassemble the fused silica rollers, firstly please remove the screws which locked the ceramic roller bearings, and then two or three workers together lift up the ceramic rollers of the tempering furnace, position them on the ceramic roller conveyor, and then drag the ceramic rollers outwards from the furnace.


4. Carefully and slowly pulling out the ceramic rollers with cautious in case of collision or scratch on ceramic rollers.


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Post time: Apr-02-2021